Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bulk Email Sending – Always stay connected with clients

Bulk email sending is the popular and guaranteed method of marketing your business. With this method, you can spread news about any undertakings, pipeline projects, new launch, great offers, and lots more. If you are starting anew, you may wonder why you should go for any third-party help when forwarding mail is possible through any email service providers. The reason is simple – to avoid getting involved in any SPAM act. How would you feel when you receive unwanted messages regularly in your email inbox? Naturally, you would get frustrated and may even take any necessary legal action against the sender.

Therefore, before sending any marketing message to someone who you do not know personally, you must know about the CAN-Spam Act. This act is used for maintaining a fair marketing policy on the Internet. You can say its purpose is to control receiving any unsolicited marketing message. It is designed by the Federal agencies to fight spamming, or unwanted commercial emails. However, in no way this act stops you from sending emails to customers. It just requires all internet marketers to follow business ethics. When caught not following it, it can black list you.  This means you need to have permission from the people you are looking to send emails. Otherwise, your website and the Internet service provider will be considered as a spammer. Do not use your personal email account or any free email service provider software.

Take service of any Internet marketing company. Doing so will help you in taking the following advantages:

Sure Deliverability: You can collect or buy email addresses from different sources. Adding to that list and creating a group in your email account is easy. However, it is difficult to find if the mail has been delivered to the readers or not. And even if the mail is delivered, many recipients would look at it as SPAM. Further, there is also a probability of your commercial emails being filtered by the ISP even though the readers may find it useful. Hence, to get your email through resorting to the email marketing company is necessary.

No Liability: When sending bulk email through the marketing company, you are cutting down the risk of facing a lawsuit against you. Since you are not involved directly in the picture, the onus lies on the email sender. The Internet marketing companies are aware of the consequences of bulk email sending. Hence, they will not risk their reputation and obtain permission of the addresses before sending it. Moreover, you get lots of great and exciting tools in drafting your messages. Such tools are not available using the Yahoo, Gmail email service providers. So, enhance your online presence and be connected with your customers through good marketing company.