Thursday, 14 March 2013

Third Party Email Marketing can solve many Hassles of Advertising through Emails

Email marketing can turn out to be a very challenging task because it takes a lot of effort to increase your client base or the list of customers in order to reach a wide spectrum of audience. Most companies therefore buy email lists from various providers to achieve this triumph. This is in short third party email marketing. However, it makes one wonder, how effective are these marketing strategies.

Third party marketing through emails is a grave challenge as there are various factors that need to be looked into when indulging in this kind of trade. Getting authentic source, checking the validity of the email, and making a person read something they are completely unaware of, or getting them redirected to your website is not only a challenge, but seems impossible in most cases. There are grave chances that your mail would be put to thrash before even the receiver opens it as the web world has become dangerous with the various malicious and illegal activities performed by hackers. The chances of a third party, visiting your website and turning them into a client is quite meager. However, one should make sure that you keep trying because even a single conversion among thousands count in this competitive world. Plus with the advantage of the brand you are endorsing or the clients you are partnered with, will help you gain recognition with time.

One should bear a few things in mind when sending first time email to a third party. You need to adopt a different approach which would be unique in its presentation, text and information. Special care needs to be taken when designing or making a template of such an email compared to the mails you send to your regular clients or the ones who have opted-in for your services. The template needs to be designed keeping in mind the needs of a new client. It should be presentable with the right amount of images, text message and links that would help them with more information, or which would take them to your website.

The basic aim of your email should be – one, your client should be made aware of the company, the product or the services and secondly they should sign up to further receive such emails. This is only possible if your message is crisp and besieges the customers’ needs.

It is also important that the opt-out procedure is simplified without many hassles from the customer’s point of view. Managing the opt-out process could be very sensitive because if the client reports email spanning, it would be a grave loss to the company. Hence, for a company, opting for third party email marketing could open new avenues to expand their client base and gain reputation.

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