Monday, 29 April 2013

Third Party Email Marketing – A boon for businesses across different verticals

Marketing has worn a totally new attire with the emergence of the Internet.  Gone are the days when business owners had to rely on the postal services in order to let the consumers know what fresh things they are coming with. In those times, there were also no ways to find how the recipients of the postage have reacted or whether they have liked it or not. It was like hitting at a target blindfolded. Now, with the email marketing concepts, you can instantly communicate with a wide number of consumers and even analyze their responses. You can do it either yourself or find some experienced third party email marketing service.

However, if you want faster and sure results, it is anytime better to go for the latter option as it will offer you the following advantages.

You can rely on the third party service, since they have a dedicated team and server to help their clients. They take the responsibility of delivering every single message, no matter how big or small, to the target audience. Before forwarding your emails to the email list, they scan and filter the most relevant addresses pertaining to the message. This ensures that communication is done in a right way and with the right people. Since they have their own mail servers, the third party will see that no email is left undelivered, and the messages are delivered successfully. There is also no space for spamming and getting blacklisted with the service.

Tracking Sources
The third party service has the technical know-how for keeping track of every sent message. They can even extract information based on geographical location. This is not possible when you are holding the marketing campaign on your own or through Microsoft Outlook. When you are able to see the responses of your emails, you can get confidence and easily plan your next steps. You can also come up with aggressive marketing strategies for those areas where you did not receive expected results.

Users' options
You have to provide options to customers when doing online marketing. For that you need to manage your email list effectively. Since products and services are meant for a specific target, you need to separate lists accordingly. Further, it is also necessary to set up auto response options and analyze the reactions of subscribers. The third party service will provide options in the email through which the recipients can decide whether to subscribe or unsubscribe.

One-time Investment
The third party involves only one-time payment against the plethora of advantages your business will reap. There are no renewal fees or necessity to keep upgrading your systems. You will be able to draft your newsletters and emails using the eye-catching templates. Reviewing the statistics of the online marketing campaign is also easy.

Acting fast and keeping in contact with customers adds to the success of your business. The third party email marketing service will help the customers in remembering you through effective and legitimate campaigning.

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